Ayodhya (Flats Available – A3)

Address – Door No:2/9, Lakshmi Nagar, 6th Street, Nanganallur, Chennai -600 061


Floor Plans

Ayodhya 1st Floor

Ayodhya 2nd Floor




R.C.C Framed structure as per the architect Good for construction drawings


Fe 415/fe 500 TMT Bar used specified by the structural engineer.


Foundation should be based on drawing designed by Structural Engineer, which should  be as per the code of Seismic Zone III.

Anti Termite should  be carried out.

Foundation PCC 1:4:8 or as per structural consultant’s design.

The height of Car parking level from the road level should be  between 2′ 6″ to 3’

Stilt floor car park level PCC 1:4:8 should be done with thickness  of 100 mm


A good quality bricks should be used for both external and internal partition walls. All external walls should be 9” thick by using 1:6 cement mortor and all internal portion walls should be 41/2 thick using 1:4 cement mortor. The bricks work should be cured atleast 7 days.


All External walls will be 9″ thick brick wall

Internal walls will be 4½” brick wall with 6mm mild steel at every fourth level

Ceiling height will be 10′ 0” to top of slab (Clear height from floor to roof will be 9’6” & in toilets floor to bottom of false ceiling will be 8’3”).

Lintels-  In 9” walls cut lintel  & in 4½” walls continuous lintel will be provided  as per Architectural drawing & Structural design

Sunshade 1′ 6″ to 2′ 0″ projected from the external walls as per Architect’s design.

Loft  1′ 10½” to 2′ 0″ projected from the walls in bedroom and kitchen as per Architectural design

Cooking platform of 2′ 0″ width black granite Counter top over RCC slab will be provided in kitchen.


Inner plastering should be 25 mm thick with CM 1:4.

Outer plastering should be 25 mm thick with CM 1:5

Ceiling plastering should be 20 mm thick with CM 1:3.

Water proof plastering should be done for all sunken slabs, Underground sump, Over head tank

JOINERY should be as follows:-

  1. Main door – Teak wood frame (4.5”X5”) and Teak paneled door (32mm thick) with

sheenlac polish.


  1. Internal door – Teak wood frame (4”X21/2”) and 32 mm moulded skin  door with       enamel paint


  1. Bath door – Teak wood frame (3”X41/2”) and FRP door (25 mm thick)


  1. Windows – Dymex or equivalent UPVC window frame with Glass shutter.


  1. French Doors – Teak wood frame (4.5”X5”) and Glazed shutter or UPVC doors.


  1. Handles/Hinges –  anituque finish hinges/Handles/Tower bolt and locks.   (8”tower bolt-        1,6” tower bolt-1,5” keel-3 nos, door stopper -1, door  push-1, mirror eye-1 ,handle-2 nos,


  1. Window grills -12 mm sq.barsafty grills.


The contractor should be follow the electrical layout details in architectural working drawing

Specifications given below:-

  1. Use medium gauge rigid p.v.c conduits ¾”/1” diameter, 2 mm tk white colour and isi approved make as indicated in drawings.
  2. Fenolex or equalant wires used for internal wiring work.
  3. The modular G.I metal box should be fixed for all switch box.
  4. Each flat to be provide 1 no of D/B box and 1 no of A/C box in each bed room.
  5. Anchor-Roma switches and sockets should be used for all metal box.
  6. Main switches bosma 32 amp.
  7. MCBB rakers are L/T switch or legrand.

Use the following c/s of wiring:-

  • mm –light pt. fan point.

1.5 sq.mm-inverter points and switch box.

2.5 sq.mm-15amp power points.

4.0 sq.mm-A/c points.

6.0 sq.mm-EB main line.

T.P points two pair cable.

T.V cable are RG 6 cable.


Internal pipe work in toilets and kitchen to be concealed and carried out as per working drawings.

As per heights mentioned plumbing drawing mark the line in walls by chalk in proper alignment and plumb


Inner concealed water lines will be with CPVC Pipes  Ashirvad  /ASTRAL or   equivalent

Soil and waste water    :   PVC  Pipes :  Finolex or equivalent

Man hole covers         :   RCC covers for chambers

Valves                          :   UPVC make

Man hole covers          :   Cast iron for Sump/ water tank

Sanitary fittings           :   KOHLER/Toto fitting EWC& Wash Basin

CP fittings                    :   Toto/Jaquar or equivalent

Kitchen sink                :   SS single bowl with one drain

PVC traps                    :   Fabricated trap

Each Bath room consists of following nos of fittings:-

  1. Wall mixture with “w” bend-1 no
  2. Shower arm with rose – 1 no
  3. concealed stop-cock – 1 no
  4. Two way Bib-cock –    1 no
  5. Wash basin           –    1 no
  6. EWC closet with flush tank – 1 no
  7. Angle cock           –    2 nos
  8. Gyser provision point                 –    1 no(power pt only)
  9. Exhaust fan provision – 1 no(power pt only)

10.Wash basin mirror light               –    1 no (power pt only

TILING WORK:- Tiles brand will be Nitco / Kajaria or equivalent.

Living, Dining, Bedrooms and Kitchen will be laid with 4′ 0″ x 2′ 3/4″ Vitrified tiles – glossy            finish.

Toilet, wash area and Balcony tiles will be 1′ 0″ x 1′ 6″ Anti-skid Ceramic tile.                                                                                    

Wall Dado- In toilet walls up to  False Ceiling bottom  level including pointing and finishing.

Utility  area wall tiles  up to the height of 3′ 6″ and in kitchen above counter for 2′ 0″ level including pointing.

Lift wall dado will be Granite as per Architect’s design and all window sill level top will be granite.

Common area flooring (Staircase steps, Lobby, corridor etc) will be provided with Green Marble.

Open Terrace flooring:  Good Fining Grano Floor with Water proofing with Good Slopping for proper water flow.

Drive way and landscape area will be laid with interlocking paver blocks(50mm Thick) over compacted sand of 3″.

Flooring in car parking area will be  1’X 1” car parking tile Flooring.



The colouring choice should be decided by owners and the detailed specifications are given below:-

Inner walls          – 2 coats of Birla putty,1 coat primer,2 coats Emulsion roller finishing(ICI Dulex,ACE Asian paints)

Ceiling- 1 coat white cement,2 coats Emulsion finishing(ACE,Asian,ICIDulex)

Window, door-1 coat primer,2 coats putty,2 coats Enamel finishing(ICI Dulex,Asian,Berger)

Exterior wall       – 1 coat white cement, 1 coat primer, 2 coats ACE (Apex).

Grills-1 coat of zinc chromate and 2 coat Enamel painting(ICI Dulex,Berger)

Main door           – Shenlac polish with MAT finish (natural Teak wood finish)


Name Board One individual letter box should be provided at the entrance to the building.

First Aid Box/Tool Kit box should be provided

18,000 Liter capacity of one Underground sump should be provided.

Separate Motors for Bore & sump should be provided.

6,000 liter Common overhead tank with separate storage for metro water and bore well water should be provided.

Electrical points with fittings should be  provided common area and car parking as per the working drawing.

Electrical panel board for TNEB power / DG power.